Here are some excerpts from an Interview I did for
Lomography. ( Analogue Only Photography Magazine named after the cult camera: Lomo Lc-a )

There’s always an interesting story to every Lomographer – what would be your Lomo story?

To collect photographs, is to collect the world. Most adventures involve some sort of trespassing, the last to a trailer park, with some amazing old trailers and mobile homes that I went inside, it was so cool to see inside someone’s home and car at the same time. In one there was a deck of cards next to the kitchen just overlooking the steering wheel, with this old shag rug worn from trips across the states.

Why analog? Why not digital?

As everyone may have heard, primitive people fear that the camera will rob them of some part of their being. That every body is in its natural state made up of a series of ghostly images superimposed in layers to infinity, and taking ones photo you take one of those layers. I’m not sure if that is true, but film has a power and magic that goes beyond a photo.

If you were a Lomo camera, what would you be and why?

I would be a Lomo LC-A, when you open the back and load the film, you load your imagination, all that life has brought you until that point in time, your journey, your experience. It gives more to the world than it takes away, it surprises and amazes, and it takes you places you never imagined.

What is your Lomo style?

There is something beautiful in every moment in life, and I only see the world with my own eyes. I take photos that mean something to me, and try to show something that can change the way i look at myself or the world around me. I walk down city streets looking for what makes a city live. I love the thrill and adventure of new experience, and being a part of the moments captured.